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Top Benefits of Having an Irrigation System for Your Lawn

Maintaining a beautiful green yard is easier with a professionally installed sprinkler system in St. Louis. These systems are a positive investment for homeowners looking into having a vibrant landscape without sacrificing their budget. From reducing a house’s environmental footprint to maintaining a consistent watering schedule, irrigation systems significantly benefit lawns year-round.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Home

Give your lawn a welcoming look by investing in a sprinkler system installation. A well-maintained landscape enhances aesthetic appeal and increases the value of a home. Professional outdoor landscaping experts install systems personalized to their client’s requirements, making sure the lawn remains lush throughout any season.

Saving Time & Money

Installing outdoor living solutions, like irrigation systems, could save homeowners money in the long run. Sprinkler systems reduce water bills in states that experience long, hot summers, such as Missouri. Besides, these systems are more efficient and reliable than manual watering, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Optimizing Your Watering Schedule

Optimize your watering schedule with professional irrigation in St. Louis. Landscaping experts can program systems to deliver enough water at specific times, even when the homeowner is not home. This consistent watering schedule ensures that all the lawn is not over or underwater, optimizing plant growth and minimizing diseases.

Installing Environmental Solutions

With professional outdoor landscaping solutions, maintain a green lawn without wasting gallons of water. Irrigation systems deliver water efficiently, minimizing water runoff, soil erosion, and ozone-harming emissions from gas-powered equipment. Opting for sprinkler systems is, therefore, good for the environment.

Innovative Outdoor Living Solutions for Patios & Walkways

Spending time in your backyard is an excellent way to escape the busy world and enjoy some fresh air. That is why we’ve put together some innovative outdoor living solutions in St. Louis, MO, that can help you transform your outdoor space into the perfect retreat that is just a few steps away.

Natural Stone Walkways – Whether you’re looking for a functional walkway to traverse your yard or a beautiful garden feature, natural stone walkways are the perfect choice. They provide a natural aesthetic and can be designed to complement your existing landscape or serve as an eye-catching centerpiece.

Install Paver Patios – If you want to create an outdoor living space that allows you to relax, socialize, and entertain guests, a paver patio is the way to go. These patios are durable, low-maintenance, and offer a wide range of design options. From classic brick to modern concrete, you are sure to find paver patios that suit your style and meet your needs.

Landscape Lighting – Adding lighting to your outdoor space can create a serene ambiance and highlight the beauty of your landscape. You will find a wide variety of landscape lighting options available to you, which can help you create elegant light paths to highlight your garden’s best features.

Sprinkler System Installations – Maintaining a lush and green lawn can be challenging, especially in the hot summer months. With a professionally installed sprinkler system, you can keep your lawn and garden healthy without breaking a sweat.

Common Fertilization Mistakes to Avoid in Your Lawn Care Routine

Lawns need nutrients to thrive, but homeowners often make mistakes when trying to achieve green, lush grass. To get the best results, consider hiring a fertilization company in St. Louis, MO. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you avoid these three common mistakes.


Overfertilizing can “burn” your lawn, leaving the grass scorched due to excess nitrogen. Ultimately, overfertilizing results in poor grass growth, brown patches, and even the death of your lawn. It can also lead to nutrient runoff that harms nearby water systems and wildlife.

Using the Wrong Fertilizer

Different lawns require different types of fertilizers. What your lawn needs depends on its soil type, grass type, and the local climate. To avoid wasting time and money on the wrong nutrients, hire pros for fertilization services.

Inconsistent Fertilization

While it may not seem like a big deal, not fertilizing consistently enough can also significantly impact your lawn. Applying fertilizer only once a season is a classic mistake made by many. In reality, warm-season grasses typically require three applications (spring, summer, and fall), and cold-season grasses only require two applications (spring and fall) for optimum health. You may want to take advantage of full-service seasonal fertilization programs to simplify your lawn care routine instead of handling it yourself.