Landscaping  - One Year Limited Warranty

Lawn Systems warrants landscape plants excluding annuals for one year with a 1/2 cost replacement on plants and labor. One replacement per shrub/tree from date of completion. Warranty is valid per plant provided proper care and water has been maintained by homeowner following installation. Warranty excludes the following: overwatering, under watering, disease, insects, fire, theft, and acts of nature beyond contractor’s control. Lawn Systems Inc. shall be notified of struggling plants prior to becoming completely defoliated or dead.

Irrigation systems help in maintaining the watering of new and existing plants but will not maintain 100% of watering needs. Purchasers/Property Owners are responsible in making sure plants maintain watering needs after project has been completed.

This warranty does not cover sod or seed.

If you need a plant replaced, please contact our office. Lawn Systems will not replace any plant material that has been removed.

  • A representative of Lawn Systems will inspect the plant and determine if replacement is necessary.
  • Replacement is dependent upon stock availability. If an item is not in stock, please allow time for locating and ordering. If a particular item is not available, we will inquire if a comparable item may be substituted.
  • All replacements will be installed in one visit.