See What Makes Us One of the Top Local Lawn Irrigation Companies

The secret to a lush, green landscape is proper irrigation. But how do you ensure that your grass and other plants receive the right amount of water at the correct times of the day? Partner with Lawn Systems, Inc., to upgrade your property and take care of your property.

As one of the best lawn irrigation companies in the area, we have a long, successful track record with installing sprinklers for all types of properties. Check out our gallery to see examples of our work and contact us to learn more about past projects like yours that we’ve completed. You’ll love how simple we make the installation process for you. You will also love the way your lawn looks with one of our systems at work.

Explore Your Options

With more than 30 years of experience, our team installs all types of irrigation systems in St. Louis with ease. Whether you’re interested in a traditional spray system, rotor sprinklers, drip irrigation, or something else, we’re here to help.

Our lawn sprinkler system company combines the best water technology available with perfect placement to ensure your home or business receives full coverage. Contact us today to discuss your property’s needs and explore your options.