Residential Landscape Services in St Louis, MO, and Being a Good Neighbor

Everybody has that one neighbor who just won’t take care of their landscape or even mow their lawn regularly. Their yard is the detractor of the neighborhood, their lawn could be providing a safe haven for pests and weeds, and the untidiness could be bringing down the value of surrounding homes. Choose a trusted company to provide residential landscape services in St Louis, MO, and don’t be that neighbor.

Here are a few things you can do to be a good lawn and landscape neighbor.

Mow Your Lawn

Long, tall grass not only looks bad, but it also gives pests like mice and ticks a place to hide. Long grass also gives weeds a safe haven and a foothold in your neighborhood. A best practice is to mow your lawn weekly to a height of between 2.5”-3” in length. You can have professionals provide residential landscape services to do this quickly, or do it yourself. A great bonus is that if you keep it mowed to this height regularly, you can leave your grass clippings on the lawn to add nutrients back into the soil.

Prune Bushes and Overhanging Trees

Bushes and tree limbs encroaching on your neighbor’s property or parking space are annoying to your neighbor and can be dangerous as well. Tree branches could fall during a storm and cause property damage, or worse, hurt someone. If you have someone that provides your residential landscape services, ask them to prune bushes and trees.

Plant Some Flowers and Screening Plants

Almost everyone likes flowers. They are a lovely way to brighten your neighborhood and draw eyes to a welcoming home. Having said that no one likes prying eyes. It’s courteous to plant some screening plants to help hide or disguise any unsightly areas around your yard or home, or just to keep whatever may happen in your home private. Providers of residential landscape services will normally have some good recommendations as to what to plant.