Posts made in January 2020

Safety and Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in St. Louis, MOLighting up your landscape looks great and helps you set the right mood for your home’s exterior, but those aren’t the only advantages to keep in mind. Purposeful illumination can also significantly enhance your property’s safety. When you install landscape lighting in St. Louis, MO, you get the best value when your design features and emphasis on reducing risk for anyone who visits.

It’s not just about easier navigation, either. Well-lit outdoor spaces offer versatile protection in two key ways:

  • Personal Safety – Whether you’re showing off your garden or simply trying to get to the door after working late, reliable lighting lets you do it without worry. Since one wrong step can lead to an injury, the investment is well-worth its cost. Plus, you get great peace of mind when it comes to elders and children spending time outdoors after dark.
  • Property Protection – In addition to making life a little easier for you and your guests, your lights serve as a deterrent for unwanted company. Vandals, thieves, and other wrong-doers are less likely to go after a house that’s well-lit and easily seen. Even if they do, it’s much easier to catch and identify them when they have to walk through a well-lit yard.

Welcome to the Lawn Systems Blog

Professional Irrigation in St. LouisIf you want the latest tips on lawn care and maintenance, you’re in the right place. At Lawn Systems, our experience and passion for green solutions put us in the perfect position to share what we’ve learned over three decades of work in the industry. We believe that everyone deserves access to smart lawn solutions, which is why we’ve compiled some of our top tips and information for you.

Reading on, you’ll find posts on topics like drainage, landscaping, lighting, and professional irrigation in St. Louis. Each one is designed to help your favorite features flourish. We can offer insight into:

  • Avoiding Flooding in Your Yard
  • Using the Best Fertilizers
  • Designing the Right Exterior Look
  • Finding the Right Plants for Your Needs
  • Setting the Mood with Purposeful Lights

Taking control of your landscape’s health and look is an important step toward personalizing your home and improving its curb appeal. Let us lend a hand with free information that’s backed by hands-on work on properties of all kinds. We can even help you determine which solutions you can take care of on your own and which ones work better when handled by professionals! Read on to learn more about caring for your lawn.