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Common Fertilization Mistakes to Avoid in Your Lawn Care Routine

Lawns need nutrients to thrive, but homeowners often make mistakes when trying to achieve green, lush grass. To get the best results, consider hiring a fertilization company in St. Louis, MO. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you avoid these three common mistakes.


Overfertilizing can “burn” your lawn, leaving the grass scorched due to excess nitrogen. Ultimately, overfertilizing results in poor grass growth, brown patches, and even the death of your lawn. It can also lead to nutrient runoff that harms nearby water systems and wildlife.

Using the Wrong Fertilizer

Different lawns require different types of fertilizers. What your lawn needs depends on its soil type, grass type, and the local climate. To avoid wasting time and money on the wrong nutrients, hire pros for fertilization services.

Inconsistent Fertilization

While it may not seem like a big deal, not fertilizing consistently enough can also significantly impact your lawn. Applying fertilizer only once a season is a classic mistake made by many. In reality, warm-season grasses typically require three applications (spring, summer, and fall), and cold-season grasses only require two applications (spring and fall) for optimum health. You may want to take advantage of full-service seasonal fertilization programs to simplify your lawn care routine instead of handling it yourself.