Lawn Systems Fertilization Program

Lawn Systems is excited for the growing season to begin! Crabgrass seed begins to germinate when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. Applying crabgrass preventers in early spring will protect your lawn from the majority of unsightly crabgrass in the summer months to come. Justin, Clay, Nick, and Jesse are ready to get your lawn greened up as we transition into spring!

Lawn Systems offers 2 programs. The Plus program is our 6-step fertilization program which includes: grub and insect control, pre and post emergent weed control, and our golf course quality fertilizers. The Premium program is the Plus Fertilization package along with Fall Core aeration and Winning Colors Fescue overseeding. Prepaying for aeration and seeding guarantees your service to be complete during optimum germination period.

Lawn System’s Plus 6-Step Fertilization Program***

Round 1: Crabgrass Preventer – Fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer – (March/April)
Round 2: Pre-emergent Herbicides – Fertilizer plus pre-emergent herbicide – (April/May)
Round 3: Preparing for the Heat – Complete fertilizer and weed control – (May/June)
Round 4: Grub Control** – Summer Guard fertilizer & grub and insect control – (June/July)
Round 5: Summer Recovery – Balanced fertilizer and weed control – (August/September)
Round 6: Winterizer – Winter fertilizer and weed control – (October/November)

*Nutsedge control is provided with each scheduled application, if additional nutsedge control is needed there may be an additional charge.

**Round 4 is a double application – Summer Guard fertilizer and grub/insect control- timing is based on the life cycle of the Japanese Beetle

***Lawn Systems uses only the highest quality fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and seed in order to produce the best possible results. St. Louis weather can cause delays in our ability to apply chemicals in respect to the product label and Missouri Department of Agriculture guidelines. We apologize for any delays in services due to weather conditions throughout the growing season.

Get easy and reliable fertilization services by contacting us today. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout St. Louis, Missouri.