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Making Sure Your Property Matches Other Homes

Residential Landscape Services in St Louis, MO.“Location, location, location” is generally excellent advice, except that most people have no idea what it means. While a good location means different things to different people, there are also a few objective factors that play into how a good location impacts a home’s value. Neighborhoods appeal to people based on personal choice. A great neighborhood may have advantageous factors such as accessibility, and amenities, but a truly great neighborhood feels and looks great with residential landscape services in St Louis, MO.

Your Home and Neighborhood Appearance

The appearance of your home within your neighborhood is important. Large trees, clean streets, lawns, and gardens that are cared for by residential landscape services, and nearby green or community spaces all tend to be quite desirable. A certain amount of aesthetic uniformity with splashes of visual differentiation can help a neighborhood’s appearance and appeal. It will only help your home’s value and curb appeal if your property matches the other homes in your area. If you go to sell your home, it can help to ensure it sells faster. People judge the popularity of a neighborhood-based on how long homes tend to stay on the market, and if turnover is quick, many will see it as a desirable place to live.

How Landscape Lighting Improves Your Property Value

Landscape Lighting Design in St. Louis, MOInstalling landscape lighting design in St Louis, MO, can enhance your property’s beauty and deter unwanted intruders.  Those elements also increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Landscape lighting can be a smart investment that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips on how property values can be increased with landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Design for Beauty

A well-considered landscape lighting design can showcase your home’s lovely garden and maybe a winding lighted path. Some key ambiance lighting can also be placed around the pool or barbecue area to give your backyard a tropical, vacation-like feel. In addition, above-ground well lights can light up your trees, plants, or water features. You could even frame the edges of your deck or enhance the planters on your deck with outdoor lighting.

Enhance Yard Safety with Landscape Lighting Design

When you are concerned about how safe your backyard is for you and your guests, then outdoor lighting can improve visibility and lower the risk of accidents on your property. For instance, you could use underwater lights or in-ground-well-lights to frame the exterior of your pool. Or you could use well lights to light paths around your yard, or your above ground pool. It’s also helpful to add additional lights with motion detectors for when you take out the recycling or garbage.