Compost Topdressing During Aeration and Over-seeding

St. Louis soil is abundant in heavy clay, and over time the amount of healthy soil and available nutrients for grass roots to grow becomes depleted. Topdressing your lawn with organic compost is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to replenish the health of your lawn.

Core aeration removes plugs from the soil to alleviate compaction, allowing grass roots to breathe. We core aerate your lawn corner to corner to give uniform results. After aeration the lawn is over-seeded with Winning Colors Fescue.

Lawn System’s technique of combining compost topdressing with the core aeration process has yielded excellent results. After the lawn is core aerated, the compost is worked over the soil surface into the aeration holes to restructure the composition of the soil. Our compost comes from St. Louis Composting and is completely organic. Compost also provides a perfect media for grass seed to germinate, and is a great solution to grow grass in difficult areas of your lawn.

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