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Find the Right Sprinkler System for Your Lawn

Lawn Sprinkler System CompanyLush, green grass doesn’t just sprout in your lawn overnight. You must maintain your lawn’s health with the proper nourishment, including the perfect level of irrigation. But few people know which type of sprinkler system is best for their property.

The easiest thing to do is consult with a lawn sprinkler system company to get a recommendation from an experienced professional. However, here’s what you should know about the three most common types of sprinklers to ensure you’re making an educated decision:

  • Rotor Head Systems – When you need to cover a large area, a rotor head system is probably your best bet. These sprinklers typically spray less than an inch of water per hour, which should give your lawn plenty of time to absorb the moisture.
  • Drip Systems – Lawn sprinkler system companies usually recommend drip systems when you need to target specific sections of your property. For example, if you have flower beds or vegetable beds that need special attention, a drip system will drop the water right where it’s needed.
  • Spray Systems – For smaller properties, a spray system may be the most efficient option. Since they spray around one and a half inches of water per hour, they work best on flat ground with absorbent soil.